Citrus Cafe

It was 1 PM on Saturday afternoon when we enter Citrus Café in TIS Square, MT Haryono, Tebet, Jakarta Timur. The weather outside was very hot that we thank God we can find a cool air and relaxing atmosphere inside the café….

The smoking room is on the 2nd story, whether the non-smoking is on the 1st. The 1st story looked very cozy with soft sofas. Even none of us smoke; we chose to dine in the 2nd story because we heard that it has a great view. No sofa there, only wooden chairs…….

Citrus Café offered various cuisines; from Tom Yam until Spaghetti, from Sop Buntut until Sirloins Steak… whatever you want!

For I love coffee, I ordered iced cappuccino… ehmmmm…. It’s priced Rp 17,000 but I might say, nothing special with it. Then, I tried its strawberry juice, around Rp 18,000. I was sure that the juice was pure. It was good! But remember not to put too much sugar on it or you will lose its original taste.

Friend of mine suggested us trying Citrus’s steak with their Australian beef. But the sirloin steak priced about Rp 75,000 was not as good as we imagined before. The meat was tender, but no too tasty. We ordered the sirloin to be served with barbecue sauce, but you can choose to have other sauce such as black pepper or marinara. You can also choose to have the potato fried or mashed as its side dish.

The other menu we ordered was Chicken Barbecue. Hmmmmm….. this one is good! It’s tender, spicy, tasty… and served with rice and salad! You’ll gonna be full for only Rp 36,000!

Citrus’s Tom Yam is also good, but the size is quite small…… I could only find shrimp and mushroom in it… Yeah, no wonder for it’s only priced Rp 26,000….

We also tried its Calamari Ring, a fried calamari. It was good but I don’t know, I think it’s too small. The diameter was only about 2 cm. It’s spicy, but the fried flour was very stiff… it’s also only priced Rp 26,000.

Citrus also offered a varied dessert… from cheese cake until fried banana, from frozen macchiato until ice cream……

One more thing, to welcome the New Year, Citrus Café will give a chick calendar every Rp 200,000 purchase. And it give a 10% discount from 10-15 during weekend! I think if you want to chat hourly with old pals without any disturbance… the café is perfect!

When we left Citrus, it’s been 630 PM…. And the story that the view from 2nd story is great is no lie!!!


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