Gudeg Cakar Margoyudan

Gudeg is a special traditional food of Yogya, Indonesia. It’s a menu that contains rice topped with cooked young jack fruit (Javanese calls it gori), cattle skin (krecek), and read bean. I bet non-Indonesian people who have never taste Indonesian food cannot imagine how the food is.

We can easily find a restaurants that provide gudeg in towns in Java island. But no restaurant as phenomenal as “Gudeg Cakar Margoyudan”, Solo. It’s not even a restaurant; it doesn’t have a permanent building. The seller provides gudeg for the customer in a very simple temporary tent with wooden chairs called dingklik. But what they sell is very special that invite people from around Indonesia, politicians, artists, actor and actresses to try. The visit to Solo will not be complete unless we try “Gudeg Cakar Margoyudan”.

It serves the customer 7 days a week, from 1 to 7 AM. Such an uncommon time to eat, but it’s never been lacked of customers. Sometimes we should stand to wait empty chair. And because the customers are too many, some people choose to eat standing. And if we are little bit late (later than 4 AM), we could not find the favorite menu: cakar! It is chicken feet cooked with coconut milk which is very spicy.. so Indonesian! For it’s so good, that one person can consume as many as 20 pieces in one visit! Beside cakar, we can choose jerohan (chicken organs), eggs, or chicken meat as side dishes on our gudeg.

It is not difficult to fine the location of “Gudeg Cakar Margoyudan”. It’s located about 1 km east to Balapan Station, i.e. in Jl Wolter Monginsidi, right in front of Gereja Kristen Jawa Margoyudan Solo.


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