Broken Resolution

March to me is a hard month. Month when almost all resolutions I made on new year morning seem to be broken. Resolution to do more body exercise, more time for God, diet, read more management books, more time to write…. everything is only a desire… without any effort to make it true….

It’s hurt inside, when seeing the mirror, find that I’m about 4 kgs heavier than before the resolution of doing more exercise made. I really do not have any idea of what I should do to bring my body shape back! Now is the time that I am like I was, 9-10 years a go, fatty college student, with no sexy apparel could be wore.

Friends of mine suggest not to bother my body shape. I am still interesting and charming, for beauty is not only reflected by body shape. It’s more reflected by what is inside: heart, brain…. But do I have a beautiful heart? I hurt people with my mouth everyday, I speak too straight forward that not everyone can accept.

I have tried to be a better one, I’ve tried to shout my mouth off. But i fail, again and again. That makes me aware, that I, with my own strength would not be able to change. Only God will be able to help. Only God will be able to change…… That I realize, let’s involve God in determining resolutions!


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